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Course Curriculum

An Introduction to strategic CRM
Why managing customers is more critical than ever?
An Introduction to Strategic Management 00:00:00
Importance of customer concentration 00:00:00
Customer Value Management Approach
Customer Value Management Approach 00:00:00
CRM and the IT Revolution: The view from the industry. 00:00:00
Describe in your own words, CRM and the IT Revolution: The view from the Industry 00:00:00
Concept of Customer Value
Value to the customer 00:00:00
The Direct link between Customer satisfaction and Profits 00:00:00
The link between Satisfaction and Retention 00:00:00
The link between loyalty and Profit 00:00:00
Customer Knowledge Value 00:00:00
Strategic CRM
CRM Perspectives 00:00:00
Elements of a CRM Strategy 00:00:00
Three questions can help reveal where a company’s position with respect to data and technology in support of CRM activities: 5 Does your organization harness the enabling capabilities of IT systems in terms of customer management? 5 How timely and relevant is the available customer information? 5 Are you able to turn data about customers into information that can be acted on? Can you answer these questions, about your company? 00:00:00
Concepts of Customer Value
Value to the Customer 00:00:00
The direct link between Customer Satisfaction and Profits 00:00:00
The Link between Satisfaction and Retention 00:00:00
The link between Loyalty and Profits 00:00:00
Analytical CRM
Customer Analytics 00:00:00
Retention 00:00:00
3 00:00:00
Customer Analytics (Part II)
Strategic Customer-Based Value Metrics 00:00:00
Popular Customer Selection Strategies 00:00:00
Logistic Regression 00:00:00
Data Mining
Implementing the CRM Strategy
CRM Implementation Projects. 00:00:00
Cost Associated with a CRM Implementation 00:00:00
Why Do CRM Implementation Projects Fail? 00:00:00
Using Databases
Customer Database 00:00:00
Operational CRM
Software Tools and Dashboards 00:00:00
Loyalty Programs: Design and Effectiveness
Loyalty Programs 00:00:00
Campaign Management
Campaign Management 00:00:00

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